Corporate Users

On-Site Small Business Services

We are an outsourced IT department for Small Business.  We can perform all computer services necessary for your business to succeed.  We build, deliver and setup computers and servers, setup network infrastructure, implement backup procedures and testing, host domains and provide advanced email services,

Custom Built Computers and Servers

We build our own machines so that we can provide the level of support you require and deserve.  We built it, we can authorize warranty repair.  No more waiting on hold and going through phone mazes to get authorization to fix anything.  If it’s not working, we fix it – regardless of whether is under warranty.

Network Planning and Infrastructure

We can properly plan your networking needs with our decades of experience, implement the plan from start to finish, and make sure it stays operational indefinitely.

Backup Implemenation

Many small businesses need help with their backup procedures.  The secret to getting a good quick backup is knowing where your data is.  You can’t back it up if you can’t find it.  Let Corporate Computers help you consolidate your data and develop your full disaster recovery systems including offsite backups.

Advanced Email Services

Let us show you our advanced email services that can move your Mail/Calendar/Contacts to the cloud and allow simultaneous over the air synchronization of your Outlook/iphone/ipad/android phone or pad.  Annoyed with your sent items from your phone not showing up in Outlook at the office?  Need all of your Outlook contacts available on your phone or ipad for when you are out of the office?  Need multi-user access to your teams Mail/Calendar/contacts?  Give us a call and let us show you how we can get your team working together with real time data.

Remote Support

Using the latest secure remote technology we can connect to your computer and fix most issues while you sit back and watch.